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      RO Water Purifiers

Kelvinator Ayoni

Kelvinator Ayoni is really tough on excessive water contaminants.

This model is designed to purify water with dissolved solids (TDS) content of 500 ppm to as high as 2000 ppm and hardness content of up to 500 ppm. The excessive TDS is effectively brought down to less than 10% of the feed water.

Ideally suited for purification of ground water with high TDS content.

Kelvinator Ayoni+

Kelvinator Ayoni+ is an eco-friendly green water purifier designed to purify water with low dissolved solids (TDS) content from 200 ppm to 500 ppm.

This model potentially saves around 30% water with a lesser TDS rejection which results in the retention of essential minerals in the water.

Ideally suited for government supplied drinking water and other low TDS water sources.

Unique Special Features

♦No Overflow. No Dry Running.

♦Compact Pressure Booster Pump

♦Advanced Reject Water Valve

♦Transparent and Large Detachable Storage Tank with a Bidirectional Tap

♦Auto Flush - Membrane Cleaner

♦SMPS - Based Integrated Power Management

Ayoni RO
Product:Kelvinator Ayoni
RO Water Purifiers
Flow Rate:10-12 liters per hour
TDS Reduction:90% Minimum
Membrane Capacity:75 GPD
Storage Tank Capacity:9 liters
Net Weight:8.2 Kgs
Dimensions (Inches):17.5 Height x 12.5 Width x 12.5 Depth
Power Rating:36 Watts
Input Voltage:170-300V AC / 50 Hz - Single Phase
Feed Water Pressure:0.6 (Min) - 2.0 (Max) Kg/Sq.cm
Feed Water Temperature:5 -45 C
Installation Mode:Dual (Counter Top / Wall Mount)
Maximum Daily Usage:5 Hours
MoC for Plastic Parts :Food Grade PP, PC / ABS
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